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How Do I Get an IRS Tax Lien Released?

How Do I Get an IRS Tax Lien Released?

An  IRS lien is just like any other lien, a claim on your property for money owed, however, unlike your car lien, an IRS lien protects the government’s interest with a lien on ALL OF YOUR PROPERTY.  The Internal Revenue Service will place a lien on your real estate, personal property and financial assets after they have determined the amount that you owe them and have sent you a bill explaining how much you owe and the back taxes remain unpaid.

A Federal Tax Lien is a public document and will show on your credit report.  It will affect your ability to get credit.  A lien will attach to any business property that you own including the accounts receivable.  A bankruptcy will not get rid of a Federal Tax Lien.

If the IRS places a lien on your house, you must satisfy your tax debt before you will be able to sell or even refinance your house.  If you have enough equity in your house, the tax lien can be paid out of the sales proceeds at the time of closing.  If you are selling your house for less than the lien amount our Enrolled Agents can work with the IRS to request a discharge of the lien.

Tax Levy

A lien is not the same as a tax levy.  A levy actually takes your property to pay the tax debt.  It’s not just in the movies

Help is Just a Call Away

This is where we can step in and help you with an IRS lien release.  Our Enrolled Agents and CPAs have almost 30 years of experience dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and finding tax resolution for our clients.  We are a small company.  You will not get lost amongst thousands of clients.  We take pride in our work and care about our client’s concerns.  Our blueprint for our long-lasting success is straightforward, honest options, quick results and no hidden fees.

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