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It’s Time to Deal with Your Past Due Tax

It’s Time to Deal with Your Past Due Tax

We Understand

It is some much easier to ignore the problem.  Maybe you didn’t keep the records or receipts that you needed or maybe you threw them all into a shoe box or even a bigger box.  We know that feeling.  Life is busy.  You mean to get to it but things get out of control and then the task seems impossible.  When April came you just couldn’t deal with it and you never filed your taxes.  Maybe you filed an extension, maybe you didn’t.  Sometimes this goes on for a few years and you receive a few letters from the IRS but you ignore them or never even open them  They are hard to open.  Stop Procrastinating.  It’s time to deal with your past due tax.  Work with a tax firm with almost 30 years of experience, an A+ rating and not a single complaint ever.

Penalties and Interest

Penalties and Interest continue to build and your tax debt grows while you ignore those letters from the IRS  Those letters continue to escalate until you will find yourself with a tax lien.  With a tax lien in place, the IRS can garnish your wages or seize your bank accounts or worse if you do not act

Tax Resolution

Stop procrastinating and address your past due taxes now.  Our Enrolled Agents can assist you with filing your unfiled returns and settling your Federal and State tax  To learn more about tax resolution visit  The IRS offers several programs to help taxpayers resolve their past due tax problems

Over 29 Years of Experience

Work directly with Enrolled Agents who are also CPAs with over 29 years of experience working with both Federal and State tax departments of revenue on behalf of clients just like you resolve their past due tax debt.  We offer a free consultation.  Contact us now