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Tax Levy – Property Seizure & Sale

Tax Levy – Property Seizure & Sale

What is a Levy?

A levy is when the IRS seizes your property to satisfy back taxes Before a levy occurs the IRS will have placed a lien on the property in question giving you an opportunity to satisfy the debt  There are several ways to end up owing the IRS money but if ignored too long you may find yourself being levied.

Letters from the IRS

The IRS will have sent several letters about your tax debt prior to a levy.  After the second letter a feeling of hopelessness sets in and many people say that they just stop opening the letters.  This is a mistake because the collection letters escalate  The last letter called form 1058, “Final Notice of Intent to Levy”.

Release of a Federal Levy

There are several options available to release the levy.  The obvious and most simple is to simply pay the debt in full.  The average American isn’t able to do that and besides, if you had the money you wouldn’t still have the tax debt.  Other options include an installment agreement but the installment agreement cannot allow the levy to continue.  The best way to proceed should be decided by a tax professional and the best tax professional to advise you is an Enrolled Agent.

Don’t Face the IRS Alone When Dealing with a Levy

If you are facing a tax levy don’t face the IRS alone.  Our Enrolled Agents can assist you with an appeal of the levy.  They have almost 30 years of experience with tax problem resolution and filing back taxes.

We are a small company and you will not get lost in a crowd of thousands of clients.  You will work directly with an Enrolled Agent not a case manager  We take pride in our work and care about our client’s concerns.  Our formula for success is simple.  We promise only realistic options for our clients who owe the IRS and we deliver those results quickly and professionally.

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