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Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns

Thousands of taxpayers fail to file their tax returns every year.  The failure to file a tax return or tax returns snowballs with the passing of time.

Criminal Act

If you have unfiled tax returns you should know that the IRS can consider failure to file as a criminal act.  This is punishable by one year in jail for each year that has not been filed.

Substitute for Return

The IRS may file a substitute for return when you fail to file a tax return.  A substitute for return will include all of the information that the IRS has about your income such as the copies of W-2’s from employers and standard deductions but will not reflect any deductions that you may have taken if you would have actually filed your tax return.  Deductions which you may be entitled to such as exemptions for your dependents are not taken.

Filing Unfiled Returns

After receiving your tax transcripts from the IRS, the next step at Fast Tax Help is to file all unfiled returns as part of the tax resolution process.  This helps us determine the actual amount you owe the IRS.  We can file the return regardless of how much time has passed.  This is usually one of the first steps in resolving a tax problem because so many of our clients have unfiled tax returns.  All unfiled tax returns must be filed to avoid criminal prosecution, lower tax debt and so that the IRS considers you “current”.  A taxpayer must be considered “current” before the IRS will negotiate any tax debt

Here to Help

The late filing penalty can be ten times more than the penalty for not paying your taxes.  Let us help you file your unfiled returns and find the best solution to your tax problems.  You will work directly with an enrolled agent who is also a CPA, not a case manager or secretary  A company with almost 29 years in business and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  A consultation is free.  For questions call us at 561-293-3135 or visit our website

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