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What is Tax Resolution?

What is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution involves finding the source or sources of your tax debt and the best option to resolve your tax problems with the IRS or State.  The resolution may involve several steps such as filing unfiled tax returns, requesting a penalty abatement or installment agreement.  When working with an Enrolled Agent, the Agent uses their training and experience to look for the least expensive solution for the taxpayer  They do this by first pulling the taxpayer’s transcripts for at least the past ten years from the IRS.

A taxpayer can request a copy of their tax transcripts directly from the IRS on their own, however, only the current tax year are prior 3 years are available  An Enrolled Agent usually pulls more years to look for any money left on the table, or ways to reduce the tax debt.

Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns the IRS has filed what is called a Substitute for Return (SFR) in place of the tax return you would have filed.  A substitute for return is based only on the information that the IRS has from other sources, such as the copy of your W-2 that your employer has sent them.  A Substitute for Return does not include any additional expenses or exemptions that you may be entitled to so the tax debt including penalties and interest is usually more than you would have owed if you would have filed those returns.  The IRS usually sends a notice of the amount of tax they have estimated that you owe for the unfiled return and if you fail to respond they issue what is called a “Statutory Notice of Deficiency”, beginning the collection process.

In order to resolve your tax problem, all past due tax returns should be filed for two reasons.  The first is to determine the actual amount that you owe the IRS.  The second is that many of the programs offered by the IRS such as an offer in compromise, currently non-collectible or even a payment plan require that you have all of your unfiled tax returns be filed.


When an Enrolled Agent reviews your tax transcripts they look for technical grounds to have the tax debt released.  There are several ways to dispute the tax on technical terms including filing an amended tax return if the statute of limitations hasn’t expired or filing an offer in compromise.  Sometimes an offer in compromise is not your smartest option and your Enrolled Agent will help you determine the least expensive option for your circumstances  An Enrolled Agent can also help with penalty and interest abatement if you qualify  Other options include innocent spouse and currently non-collectible.  Occasionally, all of your problems can be fixed by filing an amended tax return if the statute of limitations hasn’t expired.

Stop Ignoring Those Letters

Those letters from the IRS escalate from the “Statutory Notice of Deficiency” all the way to “Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing”  An Enrolled Agent can assist you with removing liens and levies, as well as wage garnishments.

Your Best Choice

We understand that you are overwhelmed.  We know the feeling of not even wanting to open the mail and sometimes not even wanting to take the walk to the mailbox.  We know the feeling of not wanting to answer the phone when you don’t know who is calling.  Please call us and let us help you.   You will not be dealing with a fly by night company.  Work with a company that has more than 29 years experience (almost 30) helping people just like you settle their tax debt.  You can call us or text us at 561-293-3135.  You can email us at (if you’re shy) or visit our website  Work with a small company where you won’t get lost in the crowd and an Enrolled Agent will personally handle your case.  You will not be dealing with a “case manager”.  An A+ rated Better Business Bureau Agency without one complaint EVER.

Our Enrolled Agents have the experience of working directly with the IRS and State Departments of Revenue.  The formula for our success is simple.  We promise only realistic options for taxpayers who owe the IRS.  We deliver results quickly.  We do business simply and honestly.



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