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Who Should Be Your Tax Advisor?

Who Should Be Your Tax Advisor?

Every consumer can benefit from a tax professional The 21-year-old that goes to school and works part-time as so the businessman that generates several million a month. The U.S Tax Code is over 3 million lines, there are more tax breaks to increase our refunds and reduce balances owed at the end of the year than any of consumer can begin to understand

I have worked directly with Federally Licensed Enrolled Agents over the last 10 years and if I learned anything it would be that when it comes to understanding how to utilize the tax code to my best interest an Enrolled Agent is my best choice

Consumers that have IRS balances owe money for past due taxes, business taxes or personal taxes an Enrolled Agent is the only sensible choice.

A CPA attends 10 year of school and graduates with a master’s degree in accounting. Great if you need your bookkeeping done, even a return filed, however, if you have a past due balance or owe when the CPA hands you the Federal Tax Return the CPA in almost all cases have no training or experience in what to do when you owe back taxes.  Tax Attorneys spend much of Law School learning about things that have nothing to do with helping a consumer that owes $26,000 to the IRS or even $260,000 to the IRS. They are trained in Corporate Law, Escrow, and many other types of Taxation. Fact is a Tax Attorney can resolve your IRS or State past due taxes, however, they charge a fortune and it is not what they went to Law School to do when they graduated.

An Enrolled Agent on average earns about $58,000 a year, a CPA earns two to three times that much and we all know what attorneys earn. I have worked hand in hand with a group of Enrolled Agents long enough now to understand why the Enrolled Agent is the only Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner. The most prestigious award the IRS issues for a tax practitioner.

The Enrolled Agents we represent have been in business 29 years, they specialize in IRS and State Collections on back taxes, Tax Returns, Filing Amendments and Audit Representation.