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I am not very good with maps. I prefer my cars navigation system or my cell phone GPS telling me when to turn and finding the best and fastest route to my desired destination.

Recently, the Tax Advocate Service released a map of our tax system to help taxpayers understand their journey through the tax system. Nina Olsen, the former National Taxpayer Advocate was quoted as saying, “We have an incredibly complex tax system that is almost impossible for the average taxpayer to navigate”.

Like I said I do not like maps. I prefer a navigator or guide to get me to my destination. Dealing with tax problems is the same way. If you have questions or problems with your taxes work directly with Enrolled Agents with more than 30 years in business and the experience that counts. You can contact us by phone at 561-293-3135 or by completing a form. Work with an A+ Rated Service that has never had a single complaint in more than 30 years. Consultations are free and could save you thousands.

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